A Slovenian startup StepFit is set to revolutionize the fitness world by introducing a new licensing model for personal trainers based on blockchain, using XR technology. The platform will connect trainers who will be licensed by StepFit’s own native licenses guaranteeing the best possible fitness and nutrition knowledge with individuals who want to train and get healthier.

StepFit has a core team of more than a dozen experts in their respective fields. Fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, blockchain and web platform developers, and digital currency enthusiasts dedicated to creating a new standard for fitness trainer licensing by connecting blockchain and virtual reality technologies.


OUR GOAL is to establish a unique blockchain based fitness wellbeing platform connecting all the main factors of a healthy lifestyle in the fitness world: challenging detrimental modern ways of living and working by encouraging an active lifestyle and enhancing the worldwide sustainable growth of happiness and health using the cutting-edge blockchain and XR technology and utilizing smart contract solutions fueled by a native StepFit utility token. We consider StepFit to be the first matchmaking ecosystem that digitalizes and combines the best fitness trainers around the world, the best content paired with VR technology, with people wanting to improve their lifestyle and become fitter and healthier.





years in Fitness and
Wellness Industry


years in VR, Blockchain,
Crypto Industry


years in managing various
international projects





Token NAME













The SPF token is an internal unit of value that the StepFit platform created to manage its business midel. StepFit token will be used by fitness trainers offering their knoweldge, people looking to improve their lifestyle and become more active, people wanting to approach fitness life more seriously and compete, sponsored athletes, people who want to become the best fitness trainers. StepFit token will be built on the tope of an existitng BSC blockchain, and will be the fuel of the StepFit platform.

Token Public Sale 50% = 12 000 000 000
Retained by the company 33% = 7 920 000 000
Community development 14,50% = 3 480 000 000
Reserve funds 2,5% = 600 000 000



Development and research will represent the biggest portion of our public sale. The majority of 140 000 000 tokens will be used for these two processes. Operations and legal are also very important for us, due to expansion to other markets and through other strong partnerships.

Development 50% = 6 000 000 000
Research 30% = 3 600 000 000
Operations 15% = 1 800 000 000
Legal 5% = 600 000 000




  • Q4 2021
    Concept and Idea Creation
    Team Building
    SWOT and PEST Analysis
    Q4 2021
    In-depth Market Research
    Marketing Strategy
    Q1 2022
    Fitness Community Engagement and Testing
    Testing MVP StepFit Gym
    Openning StepFit Gym first location
    Q1 2022
    Establishing StepFit Ltd
    Partnership with Verified Suppliers
    Getting new StepFit ambassadors
    Research and Communication for StepFit Fitness License
    Q2 2022
    Website Design and Launch
    XR Testing and First Video Clip Teaser
    Whitepaper Release
    Lightpaper Release
  • Q2 2022
    StepFit Token Release
    Exchange Listings
    Adding New Partners and Ambassadors
    First Extended Reality Fitness XR-LIFT
    Q3 2022
    QT Wallet release
    Platform development phase 1
    Completion of testing phase 1 FOR XR
    Q3 2022
    First blockchain XR coaching
    Partnerships with insurance companies
    Platform development StepFit platform Purchases  
    Fitness license StepFit
    Mobile Wallet App
    Q3 2022
    Completion of testing phase 2 for XR
    First blockchain company/insurance model
    Platform release






StepFit Gym Incubator

To test the market’s demand for new technologically advanced fitness facilities, we already started building the first Fitness in Celje, Slovenia, where we want to include the most advanced fitness equipment and machines currently available on the market. Our fitness is a part of VR/AR Lab and Metaverse incubator for new ideas coming to life.

Our StepFit brand will focus on the highest standards when it comes to:


Fitness trainers and their knowledge,

Supplements (partnering only with the best nutrition companies),

Fitness equipment and machines,

Professional coaching (the most experienced fitness professionals with accreditations, licenses and even postgraduate degrees in health).