Fit-Beat Verse

StepFit encourages individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle through fun and educational digital 3D content, artificial intelligence, and other modern technologies.
Recently, in the crypto community, the focus on creating 3D gamification worlds in the metaverse has become very popular, and to this end, we at the StepFit project have started developing our world - StepFitVerse.


What will StepFitVerse offer the user?

StepFitVerse users will create avatars that will enable them to attend various entertainment activities, buy land, interact with products and services related to sports, fitness, and healthy living using their own SPF token currency.

They will be able to purchase workout plans, watch educational videos, buy supplements, interact with its users to receive all relevant information from the best professionals in the field.

On top of that users will be able to enjoy various gyms and sports shops located in the StepFitVerse. One of the strongest components is set to be the ability to become a certified professional (personal trainer) through StepFit’s licensing system. A completely new approach that will radically change and upgrade the fitness industry’s current standards.


What will StepFitVerse offer companies?

Companies will use the platform to increase brand awareness, enter into new partnerships and gain new customers and subscribers. The ones that will join the new social platforms #metaverses will also be pioneers in their field, which gives them an advantage in the coming years over their competition. In the StepFitVerse it will also be possible to buy land and sales outlets for businesses.

Analysis of the market which StepFitVerse is a part of:
  • Fitness: The total market size of the global fitness industry is over $87 billion.
  • Gaming: The gaming industry will have more than 3 billion gamers by 2023.
  • Play2Earn: Play2Earn is one of the most popular global trends (The Sandbox, Axie Infinity)
  • AR/VR: The combined augmented reality and virtual reality markets were worth $12 billion in 2020, with a massive annual growth rate of 54%
  • Mobile App: 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day

Potential benefits for the project’s investors are beyond promising, focusing on just the major ones listed below:

  • Brand exposure & recognition in the metaverse and crypto community,
  • Possibility of doing business in a decentralized environment, faster and more secure transactions,
  • Connecting with customers through engaging content and gamification in a 3D environment - offering them an entirely new "immersive" experience with the brand
  • Acquiring new customers and subscribers with predefined intent
  • Networking, making new partnerships and friendships.

To conclude: the metaverse will be a place where users can find a gym or a personal trainer of their choice around the globe, obtain a professional trainer license by StepFit Academy, buy and trade items from preferred partners/vendors (gym memberships, sports supplements, coaching hours, merchandise, sports equipment, wellness services, etc.). All of their actions will be saved and stored on the blockchain which serves as proof of completed actions or transactions.


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