AI enhanced system will be constantly analyzing collected data from users in StepFit network. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, all data of users will be safely stored on blockchain network and depending on your results it will reward you for your workout using smart contract state-of-the-art solutions.

As a result of AI analysis, we will be able to create individual training plan to every user with specific exercise requirements using revolutionary XR-LIFT (“Look-Into-the-Future-Today”).



Earn money for workouts

Earn SPF tokens for each calorie you burn.


Integrated wallet

Store and earn SPF tokens directly on your mobile app.


SPF Staking

Stake your SPF coins, earn up to 80% APY

Track your progress

Keep an eye on your results and learn from the app suggestions.


Be part of the community

Have access to world known
trainers and fitness centers.


AI based workout plan

AI enhanced exercise plan
made to suit you.




Workout plan Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our AI system will be constantly analyzing collected data from users and trainers in StepFit network. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, all data of users will be safely stored on blockchain network.

As a result of AI analysis, we will be able to create individual training plan to every user with specific exercise requirements.


Download StepFit App at the App Store and Google Play Store

Enter your personal info and choose your workout plan

The more you exercise, the more money you will earn in form of SPF tokens

Pay with SPF tokens to gain access to unique content, workout plans from the industy leaders and spend them on supplements.

Stake your SPF tokens for max gains




  • Be a part of our vast comunity and enjoy unique content accessible only on StepFit APP, where you can follow your favourite world-renowned fitness and wellbeing ambassadors and join them on a workout or have an individual session.
  • AI enhanced workout plans, including your diet plan, based on your metrics.
  • Quality standards Licensing for Personal Trainers
  • Scholarship program for youngathletes
  • StepFit Index, rewardings for top 1000 athletes.
  • Activity rewarding platform using smart contract state-of-the-art solutions
  • Modular sales through platform-diversified and blockchain powered modules tailored to the needs of our members
  • Partnership programs (equipment & nutrition, insurance, exercise venues, etc.) utilizing smart contracts.



First matchmaking ecosystem that digitalizes and combines the best fitness trainers around the world, paired with XR technology.

Pairing StepFit mobile APP with cutting-edge extended technology with physical exercise using revolutionary XR-LIFT (“Look-Into-the-Future-Today”) app that will revolutionize workout industry by 2023.


To test the market’s demand for new technologically advanced fitness facilities, we already started building the first StepFit Gym in Celje, Slovenia, where we want to include the most advanced fitness equipment and machines currently available on the market. StepFit gym will also serve as an incubator for testing current & new ideas for integrating them on our ecosystem.


StepFit Play 2Earn Sport Gaming

Play2earn sport games will be available on Android and iOS that reward users with not only NFT's but also in SPF tokens. Check out the games that are in development.



Stake StepFit, earn rewards

Participate in staking to secure StepFit network and earn SPF tokens as a reward. For staking, you don’t need any special hardware or device. You can do it directly from your phone or PC. The best way to maximize your holdings.


Access the wallet

Open the wallet from your mobile app ro computer. Create a new wallet, or access an existing one using mnemonic or a keystore file.


Deposit your SPF

Transfer your SPF from exchange to your wallet adress.


Choose a validator

Select a validator, lock up your SPF for a minimum of two weeks or up to a year for earning up to 80% APY.


Crosschain Swap COMING SOON

Cross-chain swap in order to facilitate the adoption of SPF in DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges, as well as making it available to a wider user base.




What is staking?
Staking is the process of securing the network via locking up your tokens. It serves the same purpose as mining in a Proof-of-Work network such as Bitcoin. Validator nodes validate transactions and the staked tokens act as an economic incentive for stakers to play by the rules of the protocol. While staking means locking up your tokens, they are still in your wallet and only you have access to them. You can unlock your funds anytime.
Why should I stake?
By staking, you actively participate in securing the network. You will earn passive income by getting rewarded in SPF.
Are my tokens safe when I stake?
Yes. Nobody except you will have access to your tokens. Make sure not to lose your mnemonic phrase or private key.
What wallets can I use?
You can use BSC mobile wallets (iOS and Android) or the web/desktop version.
How long does it take to unstake my SPF?
It takes 7 days. During that time you will not receive rewards. Once the 7 days pass, you can withdraw the tokens from your wallet.
Does my computer have to always be connected to stake?
Not at all. Staking happens on-chain, so it’s completely independent from your computer, mobile device or wallet. Once you have staked your tokens, you can safely log out from your wallet and if you want you can periodically access it to check your rewards balance.